One Filtra Deep Fryer

  • Model Number: FF1651
  • Power: 800W
  • Capacity: 1.3 L
  • Oil capacity: 2.1 L
  • External Water FillinG
  • Water Level Indicator
  • Compact Storage
  • Mechanical Timer
  • Auto Stop Function
  • Foldable handle


safe to touch: coolwall system

permanent metal filtering mesh

exclusive oil filtration system provided clean up for multiple oil use

adjustable thermostat

automatic lid opening with viewing window

Filtra One, stay fresh!

Meet Filtra One, a smart fryer for the whole family. Based on the Filtra technology, every time you cook with your fryer, the oil is filtered through a metallic filtering mesh so there is no residue and your oil stays clean. That's how you get perfectly crispy, homemade French fries for everyone! It also features an exclusive cool wall system, so the outside of the fryer always stays cool to the touch and safe!


It's convenient and safe, you and your family will love it!


  • Easy storage thanks to its foldable handles. Fits in any kitchen.
  • Adjustable: set your temperature from 150° to 190° to always get the best out of your meals.
  • Keep an eye on your meals thanks to the viewing window.
  • Easy cleaning with a sponge. Filter and basket are dishwasher compatible.

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